The Tri-Ven Story

The Tri-Ven story begins back in 2017, when the Haglin family—already owners of LINDAR and Avantech—decided to enter the proprietary product manufacturing marketplace with their top-quality rotomolding capabilities. 


An entry into proprietary product manufacturing made perfect sense given the family’s robust background in rotational molding, thermoforming and CNC-machined tool building. Their new business would allow them to manufacture new products, reach new market segments, and expand their plastics industry knowledge. The name Tri-Ven was chosen to reflect this third (tri-) manufacturing business venture (“ven”) for the family. 

Between LINDAR, Avantech, and the newly-formed Tri-Ven, the Haglins’ businesses could comprehensively meet the plastics manufacturing needs of a wide variety of clients and offer a competitive advantage thanks to their extensive multidisciplinary experience in the plastics industry.

Tri-Ven Groundbreaking

Tri-Ven’s first partnership was found with Tenjam, a furniture brand specializing in safe, seamless and durable pieces with a modern aesthetic. The product line resulting from this partnership was primarily molded with LDPE plastic, a rigid plastic that offers exceptional weather resistant properties, and is often used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Tenjam LogoOur Tenjam partnership was only the first of many successful partnerships to come. Maluna, known for their rugged coolers with a unique unhinged design, was the second product line to come to Tri-Ven, followed by Du-Ha, Zpods, Energy Wall and Lifestraw. Each new partnership brought fresh opportunities to innovate, solve problems for our clients, and challenge ourselves. With every new product we rotomold, we add to our shared wealth of knowledge and industry expertise to the benefit of our valued partners. 

As Tri-Ven continues to grow, it is important to acknowledge our greatest asset and the biggest contributor to our success: Our people. Without the dedicated, energetic people who make up our young team, a successful launch of a new manufacturing business simply would not have been possible. We look forward to adding new chapters to the Tri-Ven story alongside our skilled team members for many years to come!


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